Sinclair Floor Stripper

Sinclair Floor Stripper

#10-4600: 120Vā€“2200W ā€“ 5000rpm ā€“ 32 lbs.
Put away the scraper bar and let the versatile Sinclair Floor Stripper remove old floor coverings and adhesives.  Built with durability and function in mind, the Sinclair Floor Stripper has a fast rotating blade action to cut under and slice adhesive bonds.
For large areas of removal, the T-handle makes for easy use in an upright, comfortable position. Or when removing the T-handle, use as a hand held scraper in small spaces and difficult to reach areas such as stairs, closets, and underneath cabinets.  The Sinclair Floor Stripper includes the adjustable T-handle, transport wheels for motor protection and ease of use, 8" standard Rigid Blade and tool for blade installation/removal. Other specialty blades available below.
See Blade Selection Below:

 Toro tile blade

8" Tile Blade                           #10-4907T: For use on VAT and VCT tile. Prevents tile from jamming in between blade and blade holder. A must for tile removal to protect blade holder.


toro self dicing blade
 8" x 2.5" Self-Dicing Blade    #10-4906D: For use on carpet, rubber, or vinyl. A real time saver for pre-cutting carpet since blade will cut strips with knife-edged sides.
toro blade
8" x 2.5" Rigid Blade
#10-4906: Our standard blade for carpet, vinyl or adhesive removal.
8" x 5" Rigid Blade
#10-4903: Longer blade length for hard to reach areas.
toro blade8" Flexible Blade                    #10-4904: For uneven concrete surfaces, some soft foam back carpet, and thin coating or adhesive residue.













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Founded in 1987 by Frank and Anita Sinclair, Sinclair Equipment Company is a leader in the Heat-Sealing market for Industrial Fabrics, Geosynthetics, Rigid Plastic Fabrication, Roof Welding and Flooring industries. The Sinclairs have been developing quality tools and equipment for these markets with innovation, high quality and a service-centered approach to doing business internationally.

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